A full-service political and stakeholder communications consultancy.

Our mission is to use our knowledge and contacts to help our clients build their profile and influence with political and stakeholder audiences from Parish Councils, through local government to Westminster, as well as from the devolved assemblies to Brussels.

Whether it be in helping to secure planning permission, or to directly influence policy, we have the knowledge, contacts and experience to get you in front of the people that matter.

With roots in the South West, combined with years of experience in both central and local government, we have the insight and networks to deliver Westminster service at West Country prices!


We exist to help you:

Negotiate the politics of the planning system

Get the attention of key decision makers

Gain political support to influence policy

Consult communities and stakeholders

Maximise your media and public profile

Houses of Parliament


A team of generalists, our strength is our breadth of expertise. We don’t limit ourselves to any sectors, but areas of particular interest and experience include:

  • Planning and Development
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Rural Affairs
  • Aerospace and Defence

We offer a range of services across all sectors, including:

Stakeholder engagement

Using our political intelligence and our instincts for getting to the heart of local context, we identify and build relationships with the political and community stakeholders who hold the key to the success of a particular project.

Government and political relations

We have excellent contacts across the political parties, as well as an instinct for politics. We act as your conduit to key politicians who form policy and make decisions affecting your business.

Political intelligence

Political intelligence is a two-way street. We use our political instincts and excellent contacts to gain an understanding of how decision makers are thinking on particular issues, as well as ensuring our clients’ messages reach the politicians who matter.

Reputation management

Your reputation is key to your success. We help to ensure your stakeholders have the perception of your business you would want them to have. With excellent contacts in the media, we can act as your spokesperson. We are also there to ensure you are prepared to handle any crisis that might arise affecting your corporate reputation.

Campaign development

We have years of experience in devising and running communications campaigns. From conception, through budgeting, to day-to-day management, we will run effective campaigns to get your messages across.

Media monitoring and analysis

With an eye for a story, and an interest in news media bordering on obsession, we will always be amongst the first to know of any developments which might affect your business. We will also ensure that if there is an opportunity for you to feature positively in the news, you will be there.

Social media campaigns

We have kept in step with the emergence of social media as an invaluable communications and campaigning tool. We run successful social media campaigns on our clients’ behalf, managing their social media platforms and ensuring they are involved in the relevant online discussions. We know social media is not the be all and end all, however, acknowledging not just its usefulness, but also its limitations.

Campaign website build and management

Our in-house graphic design resource can build and manage campaign websites on your behalf, incorporating branding and associated social media presence. We also design and produce campaign and communications collateral using our in-house resource, ensuring it is relevant and responsive to your needs.




Who we are

Sulis Public Affairs brings together a network of strategic partners covering a range of sectors and key skill sets.

We have the resource to take on projects of any size, tailoring our resources and expertise to each client's needs to ensure they get the best possible service at the best possible price, delivering the results they expect.

Where we work

We take a firmly 21st century approach, refusing to see geography or distance as barrier.

With an excellent network of political contacts across the UK and in Brussels, we make the most of technology and our love of travel to deliver successful campaigns wherever they are needed.

Johnny Kidney - Managing Director



A self-confessed political obsessive, Johnny Kidney worked in both local and central government before moving to the private sector.

Many years of consultancy experience followed, running successful campaigns to win support for development, across the housing, retail, leisure and infrastructure sectors.

With 40 looming on the horizon, Johnny established Sulis Public Affairs, bringing together a network of political and communications specialists to deliver tailored public affairs services across a range of sectors, with a focus on value for money and tangible results.

Johnny is an elected member of one of England’s largest Unitary Councils, as well as being a parish councillor in his local community.

Paul Erskine - Specialist Associate



Paul is Director of participatr and works with Sulis Public Affairs as a strategic partner, offering specialist services, expertise and innovation in digital community engagement across a wide range of planning and development projects.

He brings has nearly 10 years experience of creating and managing integrated community and stakeholder engagement campaigns across the public and private sectors, particularly complex regeneration, transport and infrastructure projects with acute environmental, heritage and design sensitivities.

Throughout this time, he has developed a passion for finding new and exciting ways to engage people in the planning process, exploiting the power of digital media and technology to get people involved that were traditionally excluded from or unmotivated to get involved in the planning debate.




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E: hello@sulispublicaffairs.co.uk

If you need to write to us, or visit us, you can do so at:

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